How to Cure Severe Back Pain

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  • November 13, 2018
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Back pain is one of the most common physical ailments affecting every one of three individuals. It makes a person helpless in performing his/her mundane tasks. It can be felt anywhere along the spine between the neck and the hips. Surprisingly, there are no specific causes for it. Do you find severe back pain quite discomforting? If your answer is affirmative, then adopt simple remedies given below to dispense away with the back pain.

Get rid of severe back pain

Back pain can be excruciatingly painful and bothersome for most of us. It limits the spontaneous movement as the area around the spine has inflammation. It can be quite taxing on our body as this excruciating pain causes mobility problems. Inadequate rest, excessive workload, lifting heavy weights, erratic falls, and accidents are the most common causes of severe back pain.

Get up and moving

Movement and exercise are fundamental. Walking at an intermediate pace ensures proper blood flow and releases “feel good hormones” which eliminate the stress that is caused by back pain. Strolling in your lawns or a nearby park amidst fresh air is often refreshing for most people.

A straight spine

One must maintain a good and correct posture. Ensure that you sit or stand erect as the spine needs to be straight. Avoid sluggishness or complacency when it comes to dealing with back pain. Visiting a doctor or physician for medication is important in case your pain deteriorates.

Doing yoga

Practicing yoga is quite advantageous which enhances the flexibility of the spine and adjoining areas. Some practitioners also recommend pilates which helps to reform muscle tone and improve posture.

Try ice/heat compression packs

Applying heat and ice packs to the affected area decreases back pain. They soothe the nerves and rejuvenate the muscles. Using a bag of ice in a cloth is also useful. For that matter, some find a hot water bottle equally beneficial.

Go in for a massage

Therapeutic herbal massage oils do wonders in eliminating the pain. Massaging with hands helps to relieve pain and stiffness around the spine. Chiropractic therapy is also recommended.

A wonderful sleep

One must get a good restful sleep for around 7-8 hours. Sleeping on well-cushioned comfortable mattresses provides quick relief.

Stretching all the way

Stretching exercises like bending the back and touching one’s toes prove to be extremely effective in eradicating pain. Some practitioners advice Physiotherapy sessions for severe back pain.

Curing back pain immediately

Muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory painkillers like ibuprofen are a great way to cure back pain as these restore movement. On the other hand, sprays and ointments like Volini also grant immediate relief.

Back pain not only causes physical problems but can be stressful too as bodily movements get restricted for you are unable to do simple mundane tasks. By adhering to the above methods you can cure back pain in no time and be on your toes.

Should your pain persist, book an appointment with Dr M.S Narula. Dr. MS Narula is currently the director of Narula Institute of Centre for Orthopedics Excellence (NICE) at Chandigarh City Hospital and Senior Consultant, Orthopedics Spine and Joint Replacement, Apollo Clinic Sector 8-C Chandigarh. He is also a US certified fitness specialist and a consultant to various health and fitness centres in Chandigarh. He is also a sports injury specialist.

He is a joint replacement specialist particularly in knee and hip, with over 18 years of experience. He uses imported implants with a life expectancy of 25-30 years. The technique used by him leads to minimize blood loss and cause less or no pain at all! Dr.MS Narula has more than 2000 joint replacements to his credit and is trained in the worlds best centres for the newest techniques of joint replacement. He is also a visiting surgeon, New Yorkshire hospitals UK.

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