• I had been suffering from a severe bone infection due to a previous surgery and was totally bedridden for last one year and totally depressed. I approached Dr. Narula after hearing about his expertise and experience in handling such complicated cases. Dr. Narula operated on me with a new technique to remove that infected portion and I’m back on my feet now, thanks to him and his wonderful team. It’s truly a miracle as many surgeons I previously consulted, refused my surgery but I got a new lease of life due to Dr. Narula. Thank you, sir.

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    Swaranjeet Kaur from Mohali was bedridden with severe pain and weakness in both legs for almost 1 year after a failed spine surgery. Dr. Narula operated on this extremely difficult case and she is now able to stand and walk almost pain-free. These redo 'failed back surgeries' are difficult surgeries and require a lot of expertise and experience.

  • My experience with Dr. Manpal Narula was excellent. Dr. Manpal is very polite and the way of treating patient is wonderful... Thanks sir

  • Amazing Dr. MS. Narula was very understanding. He gave a very patient hearing to my long standing disc problem. Physiotherapy recommended by him helped me immensely.

  • He is a wonderful surgeon. Very caring. I started walking after 2 days and left hospital on my own. Now I can play with my grandkids. Thank you Dr. Narula for being a wonderful surgeon and a beautiful human being.

  • Very concerned and dedicated with a realistic approach, always welcoming with a beaming smile, never say no attitude, ready to help eagerly, charismatic.

  • My mother had a massive knee pain and all other docs had suggested Total Knee Replacement. I then took her to Dr. Manpal Narula and he rectified her problem and gave immediate pain relief. Today she is absolutely hale and hearty!

  • Dr. Manpal have been our choice of doctor for injuries and back pain treatment since the last 10 years. His method of treatment is very good and he makes the patient comfortable and doesn't scare him about the injury.

  • Friendly and experienced doctor, he provided a fast cure to my long lasting backache. I highly recommend him to friends.

  • Dr. Narula is extremely competent and well versed in his field. He is down to earth person. He does not put his patients on unnecessary medications and tests. He has no attitude at all. He seemed to be a wonderful person.

  • I have visited manpal 3 times this year. first for a couple of my discs which dislocated from my lumber region. Second and third to treat my knees after an attack of chikanguniya. all the three times he has given me sufficient time to explain my problem, and the treatment to follow. I am on my road to recovery. I thank him

  • I will highly recommend Dr. Manpal Narula for knee replacement ... as he did my mom knee replacement 2 years back ... she cud not stand not even more than 10 minutes ... she can't walk ... but after surgery she is doing all her works. she can stand ..she can walk now . very happy to see her enjoying back her life .. that is because of Dr. Narula ... God bless .. moreover he is very gentle .softspoken ..encouraging ... his physiotherapy tips play magical role in surgery ... thanks Dr.

  • Having known Dr, Manpal Singh Narula as a Orthopedic for years now, I commend him for his Thorough, Careful and Caring approach.

  • I have been seeing Dr. Narula regularly for various issues- Chronic back ache, surgery to remove a chronic deep growth corn in my foot, and for my childrens bone related issues. Under his treatment we feel safe and secure. He connects very well with his patients as a doctor and as a medical care giver. I highly recommend him.

  • I have known Dr Manpal Narula for almost 17 years now...He is a thorough professional and leaves no stone unturned in offering complete cure and healing....he is caring and I find his diagnosis to be bang on each time. We have had stints with my mother-in-law, husband, the kids and me in all these years and we are so grateful that such doctors exist in the world today. Highly, highly recommended.

  • I have Known Dr. Manpal Narula since last 9 years; ever since my husband had fractured his hand. Since then we have visited him for any such related problems and have recommended my friends and family to him. Dr. Manpal not just has years of experience but he give time to understand your problem and make you understand the process he plans to follow. He is a humble person with an in-depth knowledge of his profession. I will definitely recommend everyone who is looking for an Ortho to consultant him.

  • Dr. Narula is a very humble and nice doctor. he is not at all money minded. i got relief in my knee pain after his treatment. his diagnosis is always very accurate. In today's day and time,it is rare to come across such a good doctor.the doctor is very courteous.

  • It was a wonderful experience getting to meet such a good Doctor and a wonderful human being. He took his time to identify the exact problem and after that he recommended medicines. It was my first visit he provided his personal number in case any problem comes.

  • Dr. Narula is extremely competent and well versed in his field. He is a down to earth person. He does not put his patients on unnecessary medications and tests. He has no attitude at all. He seemed to be a wonderful person.