Trauma Management

Trauma Orthopedic Surgeon

Trauma surgery is a type of orthopedic surgery that requires special training and experience beyond the basics of Orthopedics. Patients who require trauma management may have a tough time accepting that they have to undergo surgery. But if you’re being treated by the right doctor, there’s never anything to worry about.

Dr. M.S. Narula is a leading trauma orthopaedic surgeon who offers minimally invasive and small incision techniques to provide state of the art care to his patients. Whether you require a second opinion or emergency treatment, he offers specialized fracture management for simple, complex and neglected fracture.

Orthopedic trauma cases are particularly difficult to treat, but with the right skill, technique, and experience, Dr. M.S. Narula provides excellent care to treat the trauma and progress towards complete recovery & minimal or no disability.

Surgeries and trauma risk management offered by Dr. M. S. Narula:

Neglected Fractures

Fractures that have had a delay of more than 3 weeks to seek medical attention from the time of the accident or injury cases which have been mismanaged at the initial stage. Special care is required for neglected fractures.

Non-union and Bone Loss Treatment Surgeries

These surgeries are the most difficult and challenging to treat. Dr Narula uses 3 generation techniques with special implants and Grafts to treat such complicated cases.

Sports Injuries & Ligament Repair

In traumatic knee and shoulder injuries like ACL and PCL reconstruction with Arthroscopy.

Fractures in Children and Paediatric Orthopaedics

Fracture of soft bones in children needs to be delicately treated with plasters or minimally invasive and least traumatic surgeries. In addition, he specializes in the correction of limb deformities in children with polio, cerebral palsy etc.

Complex fractures in Elderly

Osteoporotic bones with newer techniques to make patient ambulatory as early as possible.

Dr. MS Narula also offers Joint Replacement and Spine & Disc Surgeries

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