How to Cure Pain in the Neck

Many people experience neck pain at one time or another. It is a musculoskeletal disorder that can greatly reduce the ability to move your neck and further travel into the arms and shoulders.

The human neck is made up of seven vertebral bones that lead into the cervical spine and bears the weight of head which weighs around 10-12 pounds. Since the neck doesn’t have as much padding as compared to the spine so more susceptible to injuries, strains, aches and other issues. Fortunately, it takes only a few days to get relief from the pain in the neck. Although in case of a serious condition where the neck pain continues for more than 2-3 weeks, you must consult a medical specialist.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Neck pain can occur because of several reasons.

  • Wear and tear of neck joints
  • Injury
  • Strain and sprains
  • Poor sleeping posture
  • Slipped Disc
  • Arthritis in the neck
  • Muscle imbalance

How to Cure Neck Pain?

If you are looking for an answer on how to reduce neck pain naturally, follow this simple yet effective home remedies to get relief from it.

  1. Apply ice on the affected area for 1-2 days. Then switch to hot compress using a hot water bottle.
  2. Avoid lifting heavy objects that might aggravate the problem.
  3. Sleep in the right posture on a firm mattress where the neck should be aligned with the body.
  4. Do gentle neck exercises every day that involves stretching and slow range-of-motion to ease the pain.
  5. Take frequent breaks while sitting at the work desk for long hours.
  6. Avoid taking unwanted stress while working as it can build pressure on your neck.

When to see a doctor?

Sometimes the neck pain can grow worse and doesn’t improve at all. That is when surgery is required.

In case of severe pain in the neck, book an appointment with Dr M.S. Narula – the leading Orthopaedic Surgeon and Spine Specialist in Chandigarh who offers minimally invasive and small incision techniques to provide state of the art care to his patients with no pain/blood loss.

You will resume working as early as 7-10 days!

Dr. MS Narula is currently the director of Narula Institute of Centre for Orthopedics Excellence (NICE) at Chandigarh City Hospital and Senior Consultant - Orthopedics-Spine and Joint Replacement at Apollo Clinic, Sector 8-C, Chandigarh. He is also a US certified fitness specialist and a consultant to various health and fitness centres in Chandigarh. He is also a sports injury specialist.

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